The Bedouin’s Dua (Supplication)

bedouin-dua-supplicationIn the Book of Tabarani, there’s a narration. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) passed by a Bedouin man and he was making Dua. He was praying in his Salah, making Dua in his prayer. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) liked it and he stopped to listen to him. And he heard the man saying:

يا من لا تراه العيون
Ya Man La Tarahul ‘Uyun
O the One Who eyes cannot behold in this world

ولا تخالطه الظنون
Wa La Tukhalituhud-Dhunun
and minds cannot comprehend His Greatness

ولا يصفه الواصفون
Wa La Yasifuhul Waasifun
and people cannot praise Him as he deserves to be praised

ولا تغيره الحوادث
Wa La Yughayyiruhul Hawadith
and situations do not change Him

ولا يخشى الدوائر
Wa La Yakhshad-Dawa’ir
and He does not fear the passing of time

يعلم مثاقيل الجبال
Ya’lamu Mathaqeelal Jibaal
He knows the exact weight of the mountains

ومكاييل البحار
Wa Maka’eelal Bihaar
And the volume of the oceans

وعدد قطر الأمطار
Wa Adada Qatril Amtar
And the number of drops of rain

وعدد ورق الأشجار
Wa Adada Waraqil Ashjaar
And the number of leaves on trees

وعدد ما أظلم عليه الليل وأشرق عليه النهار
Wa Adada Ma Udhlima Alayhil Layl Wa Ashraqa Alayhin-Nahar
And those things that the day illuminates with its light and the night hides in its darkness

ولا تواري منه سماء سماء، ولا أرض أرضاً
Wa La Tuwari Minhu Sama’un Sama’a, Wa La Ardun Arda’
And one sky cannot shield another sky, and no ground can shield another layer of ground from Allah

ولا بحر ما في قعره
Wa La Bahrun Ma Fi Qa’rihi
And the ocean (in its depths and darkness) cannot hide anything from Allah

ولا جبل ما في وعره
Wa La Jabalun Ma Fi Wa’rihi
And a mountain cannot (in its deepest darkest cave) hide anything from Allah

اجعل خير عمري آخره
ij’al khair Umri Aakhirah
Make best part of my life the last part of my life

وخير عملي خواتيمه
Wa Khaira Amali Khawatimah
and make the best of my action the action that I do in this life

وخير أيامي يوم ألقاك فيه
Wa Khaira Ayyami Yowma Alqaak feeh
and the best day the day I return back to meet You.

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